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Course Assignment Introduction

Posted by iupchc21 on August 8, 2009

Hi everyone my name is Tanya Grenoble.  I am really looking forward to helping with this class, and excited to see how much we can all learn from each other.  I feel that I will be able to help the students open up their discussions, push ideas further and have fun with the class!

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review (blog 19)

Posted by iupchc21 on April 23, 2008


During my first year of college this book was required for my humanities literature course.  I wasn’t sure how I would like the book, but when I started reading it I was captivated by interest.  I couldn’t put the book down I just wanted to keep reading it.    

Watership Down started off as a book about a group of rabbits that live in a small community.  In that small community there was a rabbit named Fiver, he had physic abilities and he told the head rabbit that something bad was going to happen to their community (also called a warren).  The chief rabbit didn’t believe Fiver, so Fiver went and told another rabbit named Hazel about what he thought was going to happen to the warren.  Hazel believed Fiver and they were both tired of no one in the warren taking Fiver’s warnings seriously. 

That day Fiver and Hazel decided that they were going to leave the warren, they told a few other rabbits that if they wanted to go with they should meet that night and they would all leave together.  That night the group of rabbits met to leave the warren, while they were trying to leave the warren security came to arrest them.  They escaped the security and ran from the warren. 

The rabbits traveled for a few days trying to find a place that would be good for them to create their own warren.  Finally after a long travel they found a spot that they thought would be perfect.  They started digging holes and they noticed a rabbit sitting in the field watching them.  The rabbit was much larger than any of them, and didn’t seem to be worried about any danger that could possibly be in the field. 

When the rabbit came over to talk to them he told them that he was sent over from a warren that was close by, and they were wondering if Hazel and the other rabbits would want to join their warren.  After the rabbit left, Hazel and the other rabbits all decided that they wanted to go and check out the warren.  The next day Hazel and the rabbits decided to go visit the warren and see how life was there.  When they got there they were greeted by all of the rabbits, and given a tour of the warren.  All of the rabbits that belonged to the warren were very large and healthy.  There seemed to be no signs of problems or any dangers. 

Hazel and the other rabbits decided they were going to move into the warren, they were all comfortable with their new home.  Except for Fiver, for some reason Fiver just couldn’t feel save at the new warren and kept begging Hazel to leave at once.  None of the other rabbits wanted to leave, they all wanted to stay, and they couldn’t understand why Fiver didn’t like it there.

Finally one day when they were out gathering food one of the rabbits, named Big Wig, was caught in a snare.  Hazel and the rabbits with him all did their best and got Big Wig out of the snare, but the rabbits from the new warren acted like they didn’t know anything was happening.  After that Hazel realized that the rabbits were kept safe by the humans and fed by the humans.  Then when they got big enough the humans would catch the rabbits and eat them. 

Hazel and his rabbits decided to leave the new warren at once and try to find a safer place to make a warren.  They once again travel for a few days, then they come upon an area that is perfect for them to create their warren.  They settle into the new place, when they start digging their holes they realize one major thing that they hadn’t thought about until this point.  When they left their original warren they didn’t take any females with them.  All of their hard work and travels would mean nothing if they didn’t have any females. 

One day a few of the rabbits were wandering and they came upon a farm.  That night Hazel took a few rabbits with him and went to the farm and found rabbits in hutches.  He went in and talked to them and told them that he would be back for them, at a later time.  A few days later they found a bird that had a broken wing.  The bird was mean at first, but then it realized that the rabbits were trying to help it not hurt it.  When the bird was better they asked him to fly around and see if he could find another rabbit warren. 

They were hoping that the bird would find another warren that they could go and ask if they would have a few of their females.  When the bird came back a few days later, he told them that he did find another warren.  This warren was a two day trip for the rabbits.  Hazel sent a few of the rabbits there to try to get some does.  When the rabbits didn’t come back after a few days Hazel decided he would go to the farm and get the rabbits from the hutches.       

Hazel retrieves the rabbits, but the farmer comes home and gets his gun when he sees the rabbits running away.  Hazel gets shot and runs into a drain pipe, he tells the others to go back without him.  When the others get back to the warren they find that the rabbits that had gone to the other warren asking for females were back.  They listened to the story of their journey and realized it was going to be impossible to get females. 

Fiver told the others that he sensed that Hazel was still alive and needed their help, but no one believed him.  So that night Fiver took off to find Hazel, when he got to where Hazel was he realized that he was right, Hazel was still alive.  Fiver helped Hazel back to the warren and helped him to recover from his wound.  When Hazel heard what had happened to the rabbits that had gone to find females, he realized that he needed to recover and go back with them.

When Hazel became strong enough to make the journey we went with the other rabbits to the warren where they had tried  to get females before.  When he got there he talked to the chief rabbit, but all the chief rabbit told him was that they were now prisoners of the warren and were not aloud to leave.  During their time there Hazel became friends with a few females and one night they developed a plan to escape the warren with the females and go back to their warren. 

The night they were going to leave came and they all worked together and got out of the warren.  The only problem a guard saw them and they were chased.  They got away using some of their tricks and went back to the new warren that they had created. 

Overall I have to give this book an +A it was really good!!!!



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Notes 4-21-08

Posted by iupchc21 on April 21, 2008


Sam is taken for blood tests, and they find out that he has cystic fibrosis. 

She thinks God is in the bathroom.

She refers to the story of Elijah from the Bible.


“Into Thin Mud”

The person she was in love with broke her heart, her friend died.


Neshama asked her to go on a hike.

The started to play in the mud and this made her feel better.



Son when on the boat trip, she couldn’t make it out on the trip so someone else had to take him out.

His wet suit wasn’t thick enough and he got hyperthermia and she prayed that God would help him feel better. 

Seals swam up to the boat.



Her coming realization that she needs to just be comfortable the person that she is, that she isn’t going to lose ten pounds or get rid of her crows feet before she is sees the guy she likes again, but she is her.  And she is OK with that.

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The poem I choose to submit

Posted by iupchc21 on April 21, 2008

I choose to submit my poem ” Never Alone,” the reson for this is because I feel this poem is the most heart felt poem that I have written.  Also many people have told me that they feel that is the best poem that I have written.  This poem was one that I feel would be most likely to get accepted if i submitted it, because I feel that readers can see how much feeling was put into this poem.

I’m submiting this poem to Prairir Poetry.  I found this company on the Internet, when I did a search to find a place to publish poetry.  The reason I choose this place is for a few reasons.  First there is no fee to sending them a poem to be publish.  They only accept two poems from each person each month, which is good so then people aren’t just sending every poem they have written.  It makes the sender think more about which two poems they like the most and think others will like.  To submit my poems all I have to do is email them to the site.  The site will email me back when they receive my poems, and after they review my poems they will let me know if they will be published or not. 

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Publishing Information

Posted by iupchc21 on April 16, 2008

Prairir Poetry

Wednesday – April 16, 2008

For poets who would like to publish poetry here

Please print this page for reference.

We would be pleased to consider your poetry submissions for publication at this site!

Be sure to follow these guidelines carefully and send only your best work:

Recent changes to our process:

Prairie Poetry now publishes 5 new editions per year (March, May, July, September, November) on or shortly after the first of the month. In January we publish the Peer Awards edition.

Submissions are limited to two poems per reading period. Reading periods end the 20th of the month prior to publication of a new edition.

Prairie Poetry publishes and markets hardcopy fiction and poetry by invitation only.

See more below.

We publish poetry without charging the poet, but those who hope to be published at Prairie Poetry must carefully observe the following guidelines.

Quality work is important to us. Whether your poetry deals with the geography of the land or that of the soul, the awareness of the people or of those passing through, we invite you to offer your experience of the prairie or the plains here.

Prairie Poetry is dedicated to poets of the North American Great Plains. We prefer but are not limited to work that finds its subject matter in the land or the people East of the Rocky Mountains and West of the Mississippi River, from Northern Canada to Northern Mexico. We are delighted that good poetry abounds on the Internet. Prairie Poetry is limited by time and energy in what we can publish, therefore we have adopted these limitations. Our goal is to publish 5 – 7 poems with every new edition.

There are no reading or submission fees. A contribution of $10 or more to the Friends Prize is gratefully received and the donor is thanked and his/her name remembered.

We pay no authors fees or royalties whatsoever. Poems published during a calendar year are automatically elegible to receive the annual Friends Prize and its monetary purse . The Friends Prize is given annually (details). The award’s funding depends on contributions and the amount of the award(s) is determined by the contributions received ($700 in 1/2005, $800 in 1/2006). Recipients are first nominated in a competitive process by authors who have previously been published at Prairie Poetry. The final selection for the Friends Prize is made by the Friends — those who make a monetary contribution to the prize.

We publish only individual poems online. We do not consider manuscripts, chapbooks or any traditional publications. We never publish short stories. We do not publish anything in any offline, hardcopy format.

Prairie Poetry is published monthly, except in August and January. The January edition consists of the Peer Awards for the previous year. There is no publication in August. New issues usually appear on or just before the first of the month. The poetry submissions received on or before the 20th of each month will be read and a decision made usually prior to the 1st of the next month. Depending on what’s already been accepted, publication may be delayed as long as eight months after acceptance.

Poems previously published in chap book form are acceptable. Original work is preferred.

Please pay attention to the following requirements:

·         Poems that have already been or will be published elsewhere on the Internet will be rejected.

·         Work submitted may not be submitted simultaneously to other Internet publications. Email submissions addressed to multiple recipients will not be read.

·         We do not read or publish poems that are already html formatted.

·         We do not read or publish short stories.

·         We have a decided bias against very long poems.

·         We seldom publish songs.

·         We do not read or publish haiku.

Send no more than TWO poems during a monthly reading period that fit the guidelines above to the following Email address:


(submissions to any other Prairie Poetry address will not be read or acknowledged)

The Email subject must contain the word, submission, without which it may not be read.

You will receive a confirmation Email that your work has been received if you include the word “submission” in the subject line of your Email.

Works submitted must be part of the body of an Email message –Not an attachment to an Email message.

Poetry submitted as any kind of an attachment to an Email will not be opened or read.

Email that is in Rich Text Format (RTF) is acceptable.

Do not send more than two poems during any reading period. We will read only two poems during any reading period. If you send more than two poems none of them will be read or considered. Should your work be accepted, please know that we do not consider new, additional submissions from an accepted author until after the accepted work has been published on Prairie Poetry.

Be sure to include your name and a brief paragraph about yourself. Please know that we do not publish every author, let alone every submission that we receive. We never publish more than one poem in a given month for any author we accept.

Rejected poems that observe submission requirements will be returned electronically in an Email notification of our decision. If you submit multiple poems in separate emails and all are rejected, you may receive only one email notification of our decision.

When publishing a poem we do our best to reproduce the formatting and case usage in which your original work appears. The limitations of our time and this medium are such that the electronic result is not always identical to your original. Your poem will be displayed with a graphic side bar that we feel is appropriate.

By submitting your poem for consideration you are giving Prairie Poetry the right to publish that poem on the Internet website of Prairie Poetry for an indefinite period.

Also, please know that we accept responsibility only for the initial cyber-publication of your work. You retain the copyright to your work and we will post a copyright notice with your work, but in our world there are pirates who may choose to take advantage of us. Grace and beauty begin with trust.

We do this without charge because we enjoy it, so please be generous of spirit.

More Details About Our Process

Marc duPlan, editor

Author Index | Biographies | Guestbook | Links | Bookstore | Peer Awards | Submissions | Previous Editions | Support Prairie Poetry | Home

Copyright © 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006  Marc duPlan

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Spiritual Journey

Posted by iupchc21 on April 16, 2008

In my opinion everyone goes on a spiritual journey no matter what religion they are.  Or even if they don’t feel they have a religion.  They still go on a journey that showes them what they are looking for in life.  WIthout a journey like this no one would know what they are doing here or why they are alive.

I feel that my spiritual journey isnt near complete, but I have learned a lot so far.  So far I have learned a few reasons why I am alive.  One reason that I know is to educate people by public speaking and being fair quees.  Through those things I have alerted many people on current issues in agriculture.

Another reason is for me to become a high school teacher.  This way I can pass on all my knowledge to all my students and teach them things they may not know.  Also to help them reach their goals the way my teachers have helped me. 

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Letting Go

Posted by iupchc21 on April 16, 2008

Let go of the old

embrace the new

never question why things happen

just roll with the punches

and try your hardest

do things for yourself

not for others

have fun in life

live each day as if it were your last

love with your whole heart

and don’t worry about it getting broken

there will always be something to pick the pieces

up and put things back together!

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New Direction

Posted by iupchc21 on April 16, 2008

Tired of being used

and treated like crap

there’s a point when you realize

that you can no longer keep doing things for everyone else

you need to do things for yourself

do what makes you happy

not worry so much as to what others will think of you

not care how much you standout

as long as your happy and not hurting anyone.

Everything in life happens for a reason

good and bad

each brings on a new look at life

a New Direction!!!

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Class Notes 4-14

Posted by iupchc21 on April 14, 2008

Class Notes 4-14-08


“Why I Make Sam Go To Church”- 

-         Sam always went to church with his mom when he was younger

-         When he got older he would rather hang out with his friends than go to church

-         No matter what kinds of goodies his mother took along with them he would rather have gone somewhere else.


“ Grace”-

-         You can fail and still be graceful

-         No matter how you fail you can still fail and be graceful about it and be happy

-         Just because you fail at something does not mean that’s the end, there is always something you can do that will make it better

-         You need to keep grace even through hard times


“ Tumblers Dog”-

-         No matter what you fears are you can always over come them

-         If you take things little by little than you can accomplish anything

-         Never say you cant do something


Basically its saying that if you don’t try you will never know how things will turn out, and most of the time when you actually do something it isn’t as bad as you think it’s going to be.    





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Posted by iupchc21 on April 11, 2008

Big scary word

that basically means

stages of our lives

everyone is a hero

in some way shape or form

each one of us

goes on a monomythic journey

to find out who they truley are

after coming back from the journey

we have a better idea of who we are,

but then we start another

and go through the process

of changing again!

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